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Loving Yourself, Each Other, and Grandmother Earth - Maria D. Michael, PhD

February 08, 2020

Greetings Everyone,

We write on the heels of the impeachment hearings and the Senators denying witnesses, documents and now the Senate Acquittal. All around us, we hear people crying. All of your and our ancestors and Grandmother are suffering, not only from the greed of our government but of many governments. Nonetheless, so much information and documents will keep being leaked. The Spirits and Other Beings from other Galaxies are working hard to help the human civilizations of two-leggeds evolve into a world paradigm of peace, prayer, and love. A world where all Living Beings have the right to live in harmony and balance with each other.

We write so you will Rememberthat you are the reason our world will change; the reason it will become more encased and enriched in a Medicine Wheel of Rainbow Light and Love. We write to help you remember you are always Divinely guided. You are never alone. The Spirits are with you and us, giving us all hope as they work behind the scenes! 

As we begin this newsletter, we have spent the afternoon preparing sacred things for prayer. Tonight, we will join a community of other Sundancers in a sweat lodge. This is our second week together, and last week, there were 30-ish of us huddled together praying. Since taking a vow as a child to Protect Grandmother Earth and all the Living Beings who live with her, and as a Water Protector (Mni Wiconi), you are one of our relatives. And so, my relatives, we take you into the sweat to pray for each of you and for all Living Beings. Imagine how blessed we are to have this sweat family so more and more prayers can be sent out into the world. 

We learned from a dear friend that today, Feb. 1st, is Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel, as well as Brigit’s Feast Day; the Irish Mother Goddess who was driven underground by the patriarchy. As the midpoint between Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, we will pray at a sacred time with the Celtics! Every day is sacred somewhere, and still, it is so important to remember the sacredness of each day. In our own world and hearts.

Continuing the following day…

The Spiritswere active last night. It was a hot sweat, fostering the purging and purification of all that is happening in ourselves and the world.

What stands out most to us, is the question of how do you learn to love yourself during the time of the Bear in Hibernation? Many will have a hard time in February, feeling alone in the midst of all the marketing hype of Valentine’s Day. In those moments, remember that Creation made only one you… Love yourself, do something special to celebrate yourself, and what you have already accomplished, as your journey is not over. It may be just starting to unfold in new and wondrous ways. Fill the vacuum for yourself. Let go of whatever does not serve you: clothes, people, situations- give them away on Valentine’s Day or before! In this way, love yourself and create the opening and room for new opportunities of love to enter into your life. Feel the love of Grandmother, as you eat and wear her bounty every day. Send her Love, perhaps in the form of a Valentine, as she needs to know you remember her daily! Go hug a Stand Still Person (tree) and celebrate you are alive. Learn how to love yourself. Grow deep roots of self-love. Each day is a gift; be it easy or hard, it is always a gift.

Until we see each other again, Many Blessings,
Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All Related),
Dr. Maria Michael