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Urgent COVID-19 Help for Diné & Hopi Reservations - Maria D. Michael, PhD

May 10, 2020

The Diné and Hopi reservations and their people are suffering greatly during this Covid19 pandemic. Many do not have running water in which to bathe or wash their hands, nor do they have electricity. Money is needed for food, masks, gloves, to buy water tanks to drive the water and regular soap to remote areas. Anti-bacterial soap is also needed to be bought or materials so that masks can be made on the reservation.  Material is needed for masks, and we are raising money for PPE for medical and nursing professionals and all those who work on the frontlines.

Money, masks, and all donations will be mailed and given to our Traditional Spiritual community relatives who can be trusted to get these supplies to those in need. Like in the USA, many who are in need are not getting the supplies that they need from their own government. 

The goal of the campaign is to reach as many of the inhabitants of the Diné and Hopi reservations as possible with essential, life-supporting supplies, such as masks, PPE, soap, seeds, food, and clean water, so that they may remain safe, sheltered, and to support their good health during the COVID19 pandemic. Our intent is to assist both reservations in stopping the spread of the virus.  The fund will continue until there is no further need for the fund.

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