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Testimonials - Maria D. Michael, PhD

Anyone serious about healing should meet Dr. Maria Michael.

Every once in a while during a lifetime comes a new horizon; A road that leads to a safe harbor and a field of potential. For me, that meeting came ...

Reverend Patricia Canova

Spiritual Leader

The healing was connected with sacred ritual and ceremony.

In the hope that this will help someone, I’d like to tell you my experience with Dr. Maria D. Michael. I had received a pacemaker the week before and went ...

Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi

Spiritual Leader

It is time for her to open her gifts to the world.

Maria Michael in the early 1990s requested a healing ceremony in the Lakota tradition from me. In performing that ceremony, I witnessed the Thunder Beings come and reaffirm and bless ...

Howard P. Bad Hand, Lakota Spiritual Leader

Spiritual Leader

Sought out by those individuals who truly wish to discover the deep causes of their imbalances and heal.

I have known Maria Michael professionally for thirteen years. She is an extraordinary medical intuitive in the style of Edgar Casey and, more recently, Caroline Myss. Maria has provided needed ...

W. David Luce, MD

Medical Practitioner

Without her help, getting to the root cause of a patients’ illness would have taken months.

Dr. Maria Michael has the unique ability to see the body’s intra-cellular and spiritual level in great detail and accuracy. Her medical intuitive gifts allow her to make a big ...

Mike Vidmar, D.C.

Medical Practitioner

Her use of ceremony, highly developed intuition and energy healing helped create change at a more profound level.

Over these past thirteen years, I have learned to know Maria Michael, both personally and professionally, as a well-trained psychologist, healer, medical intuitive and a person of power. Being a ...

Susan Oliver, PhD, MD

Medical Practitioner

Medically, Maria's insights are very accurate and have aided me in both the diagnosis and treatment.

I have had the good fortune over the last several years to treat numerous patients who have consulted with Dr. Maria Michael. I have consistently found Maria’s intuitive insights and ...

Jay Wilson, D.C.

Medical Practitioner

Her educational background, counseling skills and intuitive abilities make her an invaluable asset.

I have had the pleasure and honor of consulting with Dr. Maria Michael for the past ten years. She originally trained as a developmental psychologist and worked for years in ...

Jan Lemmon, PhD

Medical Practitioner

This is a gift I had not expected.

I was a little scared to attend this retreat. I felt alone and unsure about what would be ahead. After all, I had never been to an Ancestral Wisdom Healing ...

Louise Isgro-Ibrahim


The environment is safe, nurturing, and sacred which permits sharing and healing.

Blessed and grateful are just two of the words to describe my transformation after attending Dr. Maria Michael’s November weekend retreat Remembering Who You Are and Maximizing Your Potential.  It ...

Dr. Teresa Wukich

Medical Practitioner

She has helped me heal wounds I did not know I had.

Maria is part psychologist, part spiritual teacher, part intuitive guide, and part mother. Her understanding of psychology is impeccable yet it is, perhaps, the least of her gifts. Her gift ...



I cannot recommend Maria highly enough.

When I couldn’t take any more of what I’d been taking, when I was finished with the hiding and pretending and denying, Maria was the one who illuminated my way ...



A therapist, shaman, healer, psychic and nutritionist rolled up in one

Dr Michael is the rare healer that backs her powerful intuitive ability with astute clinical observations followed by detailed nutritional advice. A therapist, shaman, healer, psychic and nutritionist rolled up ...


Spiritual Leader

She works with clarity, compassion, humor, and integrity.

Dr. Maria Michael is a gifted healer. She works with clarity, compassion, humor, and integrity. She has a depth of knowledge and experience that she uses in her practice. She ...



Her delicate touch and forthright manner made me feel at ease

Dr.Michael was astoundingly accurate during the shamanic ceremony reading. Right back to core childhood wounds, her delicate touch and forthright manner made me feel at ease, despite initial anxiety about ...



I have never experienced so much love, compassion and support ever in my life. 

I have struggled over the last few hours to find words to describe my experience.  I was the person that received the circle healing.  I have never experienced so much ...



My heart continues to fill with gratitude

My heart continues to fill with gratitude for the series of miraculous healings which began with a workshop with you. I have been focused on healing for many years (I ...



My intent is to support you to maximize your potential.