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Claudia - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 04, 2016

Maria is part psychologist, part spiritual teacher, part intuitive guide, and part mother. Her understanding of psychology is impeccable yet it is, perhaps, the least of her gifts. Her gift to me has been a patient and persistent mandate that my heart is the basis for all true learning. To help me find my heart she masterfully blends story, insight, wisdom, psychology, and intuition into one profound heartfelt approach. Of course, she guides by example, by working from her own heart. I experience her as direct, forceful, gentle, nurturing, honest, and respectful. She has helped me heal wounds I did not know I had and many I had chosen to ignore. She works on heart, mind, soul, and body all the while holding the vision of my perfection while I struggle to claim a tiny piece of my human birthright. She has helped me reclaim my entire human experience and accept that all of it is a beautiful and magnificent creation.

It’s important to note that most of my work with Maria has been accomplished by phone. My initial contact with Maria was through the Ceremony. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, in March of 2004. I went into treatment in April of 2004 and had completed a treatment protocol including chemotherapy and two stem cell transplants when I heard of her work. I was seeking ways to heal myself and find the roots of my illness within my subtle body. Without being told of what I had been through, she correctly diagnosed my cancer and its remission. She told me where I continued to store people and events in my body. The ceremony helped me see where I habitually store emotional issues in my body and remain vulnerable to disease. The therapy is giving me ways to stay in my heart and consciously experience emotions, valuing them rather than unconsciously storing them. She came to me when both my life and my marriage were in grave danger and literally is helping me create a new life.”