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Dr. Teresa Wukich - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 04, 2016

Blessed and grateful are just two of the words to describe my transformation after attending Dr. Maria Michael’s November weekend retreat Remembering Who You Are and Maximizing Your Potential.  It was two and a half days bathed in sacred prayer, gratitude, love, and healing…..

Dr. Maria is “the REAL deal”, authentic and connected with Spirit constantly.  Her ability to move between the Spirit world and this world in order to ascertain what healing elements are necessary for each individual is not to be missed.  I was able to be in the center of a healing circle at a previous day workshop with her, and also to be on the outer circle during the November retreat. I can honestly speak to my genuine experience of receiving healing both times. My energy centers are open, my heart is expansive, and my gratitude for the simplest things in life stays with me these past weeks since the retreat. I bring this more open, loving, and connected version of self to Grandmother Earth, family, loved ones, and patients in my professional healing work.  EVERYONE BENEFITS from my commitment to do the deeper healing work with Dr. Maria! The experience of spending intimate time with fellow attendees during the weekend retreat connects us in a very special way…..The environment is safe, nurturing, and sacred which permits sharing and healing. We truly were one family during this weekend and have stayed connected post retreat via conference call as well as personally.

If you are searching for healing and further understanding of self, look no further than the next retreat with Dr. Maria Michael…I am forever grateful!