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Jo - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 24, 2020

My heart continues to fill with gratitude for the series of miraculous healings which began with a workshop with you. I have been focused on healing for many years (I have been quite disabled, with multiple conditions, home bound, and using a wheelchair). i am continuing to explore almost every modality–meditation, bodywork, energy healing, prescription drugs, acupuncture, homeopathy, astrology, therapy, psychics, journaling, art and shamanism. After the healing in your workshop, I felt altered in a different way than ever before. I felt lots of energy buzzing in my body, very altered. At the end of my turn in the center of the circle in the workshop I found myself sitting on the floor, from trying to get closer to the earth. For many years I had not had enough strength to get up off the floor so I asked two people nearby to help me up. Then, without thinking, I pushed myself up into the wheelchair. Imagine my surprise that my arms were strong enough to hold my weight. When I told the group of this miracle, you had tears in your eyes, testimony to your compassion, and awe at the powers of the spirits who heal with you.

Since that day I have grown continually stronger and receive daily miracles large and small. Immediately I became able to push myself up again from lying down. I began exercising whenever I had the stamina, stretching, practicing qi gong and some walking. In late march after a long ceremony, the drums kept playing and people moved onto the floor to dance. I got up out of my wheelchair, walked onto the floor and, with no support; I danced with everyone for 15 minutes. This miracle began in your workshop. My stamina still varies, but always getting. I have also begun to attract healers who will work for no charge or trade for my skills or art.

Add this to the brilliant intuitive perception you had in the workshop for someone in the circle around me to send yellow color and a tone to my lower lungs. During the time I was home bound, my breathing had become faster and more shallow. Later with no conscious thought or further attention, I found my breathing was deeper and slower once more.

In your valuable follow-up call you identified ways I could continue this profound healing. I had sadness and grief to release. To heal the cancer, you suggested regular times talking with my little ones inside. The most important thing you reminded me of is the vital importance of language–only believe and speak positively of your plans and dreams. And never come from a place of lack. I have enough energy now that I am beginning to take steps to draw in the money I need to continue my healing journey. I am sure I will be able to do further work with you and look forward to this.

With deepest gratitude. Blessings on your wonderful work in the world.