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Mike Vidmar, D.C. - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 04, 2016

Dr. Maria Michael has the unique ability to see the body’s intra-cellular and spiritual level in great detail and accuracy. Her medical intuitive gifts allow her to make a big difference in diagnosing and directing the treatment of patients. She is especially effective in finding the root cause of a patient’s illness. An illness can be seen as the body breaking down physically, mentally or chemically. Knowing the origination of the breakdown is critical in helping the patients’ healing. Dr. Michael’s astounding abilities have helped me in my practice to do just that. Without her help, getting to the root cause of a patients’ illness would have taken months. With her help the process was immediate.

Using Dr. Michael and her skills gives the patient and the doctor a very clear and concise picture, much faster than an M.R.I. or blood test. If I had my way I would have her involved with every patient that is in my practice. If that were the case, I am convinced that the success rate of my care would dramatically increase.

I have also witnessed Dr. Michael’s work with patients with closed head injuries and multiple traumas. Dr Michael can shift through critical events quickly, start the emotional healing and give the patient the needed counseling to bring them to a less traumatized state. From this place boundary issues of the body can be eased and the healing process can be greatly accelerated.

I strongly urge anyone with history of trauma of emotional, physical, chemical, and/or mental nature to pursue her excellent service.