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Nicole - Maria D. Michael, PhD

May 04, 2016

When I couldn’t take any more of what I’d been taking, when I was finished with the hiding and pretending and denying, Maria was the one who illuminated my way upward and onward with great integrity, vision, clarity and humor. The one who made me remember the power and vastness of sky and my place within it. Has it been a straight and stumble-free path? Of course not. But my, talk about scenic! I have come together with Maria in her gifted capacity as therapist as well as medical intuitive and hands-on healer. I was fighting for the life of my body and voice of my heart and scary as this was, and still can be, she was the Safe Place; the Land I’d been searching for. I cannot lie: it’s an often heart and gut-wrenching journey but what worthwhile thing isn’t? What work could possibly be more important, thrilling, frightening, celebratory? If what’s required is nothing short of personal revelation or revolution, whether it be of the physical, spiritual or emotional persuasion (and she’ll prove there’s really no difference), I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. I love her dearly; my gratitude springs eternal. Big as the sky.