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Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 04, 2016

In the hope that this will help someone, I’d like to tell you my experience with Dr. Maria D. Michael. I had received a pacemaker the week before and went in to the hospital on an emergency basis. The doctors were not quite clear whether my condition was going to decline or improve. It is so amazing to me that on the level of mundane communication, I had never been in touch with Dr. Michael previously. Yet it came about in such a way, that if there are other powers eager to help, they surely assisted me to encounter the work of Dr. Michael by remote contact. The way she saw my inner being at that point, from everything that she told me, which I had not told her, was right. In my astonishment, I was eager to have intervention on my behalf on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. There was a calming on my body. It looked like the inflammation was going down and even the incision was less painful. I also want to say that the remote healing made it possible for the body to stop rejecting the pacemaker and the emotional piece of that healing was important. What was important for me was that the healing was connected with sacred ritual and ceremony. The way in which they were reading me was so accurate. By reporting on the interaction with the various energies I was drawn into what I felt was a healing community. I received recommendations of what to do and how to support healing and I realized that I could change whatever was needed on all levels.