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Reverend Patricia Canova - Maria D. Michael, PhD

January 04, 2016

Every once in a while during a lifetime comes a new horizon; A road that leads to a safe harbor and a field of potential. For me, that meeting came in the form of a one on one consultation with Dr. Maria Michael. The bond was instantaneous and I have had the privilege and honor to watch this remarkable woman evolve from a dedicated psychologist to ultimately embracing her incredible gifts for healing.


I’ve seen what she can do for myself and others. Not only have I had first hand ceremony with Dr. Michael but I have also recommended many of my own clients. All have returned from their ‘visit’ with the “good doctor” with a sense of amazement and incredulity at the accuracy of detail. They left refreshed, relieved, reoriented, and sometimes stunned. They sensed a new energy moving about and within them. And then suddenly they realized there was still much to ponder.


Normally I am quite the skeptic and profoundly discerning, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is a woman who stands within the grace of God. I’ve known Maria Michael for over 25 years and have had numerous opportunities for breakthroughs on all the body levels.


• Psychologically she has helped me shift deep blocks of resistance.
• Emotionally she has helped me soothe and relinquish old and unrelenting demons.
• Spiritually she has nurtured my course of learning and has shared many insights and mystical mind alterations with me along the way.


She allows me to hold that. However, I must note that I am most stubborn with her advice on how to bring my physical body into balance and align it with its optimum energy. Her consistent reminders are both serious and kind. As for my listening, I simply say…”ok space”, until I am ready to let go.


In it all, on every occasion as friend, advisor, confidant, and healer, the one thing that is irrevocable and irrefutable is the constant presence of the love. She honestly cares about all her clients. No one who crosses her path can deny her connection with the love and faith regarding a greater presence in the exchange.


Within the full healing experience with Dr. Michael comes the understanding that this is a champion of spirit, a companion and teacher. She is a light of great courage and discovery and so she reminds you of those very things within yourself.


I believe that anyone serious about healing is well advised to take some time out to meet and receive a wondrous event called Dr. Maria Michael.