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Susan Oliver, PhD, MD - Maria D. Michael, PhD

April 04, 2016

Over these past thirteen years, I have learned to know Maria Michael, both personally and professionally, as a well-trained psychologist, healer, medical intuitive and a person of power. Being a psychiatrist who believes healing occurs on many levels, I have referred patients to Maria for clinical questions requiring a deeper, more spiritual, energetic perspective. For example, Maria’s work with a patient with Bipolar Disorder assisted in re-balancing his moods and energy so that his need for traditional Bipolar medications remains minimal years later. Maria has also provided very specific feedback about medication dosage and efficacy with various patients. Her ability to give both the patient and myself a multilevel understanding of their problems and to assist their healing energetically has been of great value.

Personally, I found Maria’s work to make contact with aspects of myself that are completely excluded from more traditional psychotherapies. Her use of ceremony, highly developed intuition and energy healing helped create change at a more profound level than what I’d previously known. I would recommend Maria’s work to anyone seeking a deeper, truer experience of Self.