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From Spirit With Love - Maria D. Michael, PhD

From Spirit With Love (Group Healing Circles)

Dr. Maria D. Michael is a Licensed Psychologist and a Lakota/Diné (Navajo) Spiritual Elder who conducts and participates in Native American ceremonies. Join Dr. Michael as she shares Ancient Wisdom Healing Circles/Workshops called: From Spirits with Love.

This is an Experiential Workshop designed to promote individual and group healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is a guided interactive process, in which each participant will experience a variety of techniques using LIGHT, SOUNDS, TOUCH, ENERGY, AND ANCIENT WISDOM HEALING TECHNIQUES. The goal of this ceremony is to help each person come into a place of inner balance and alignment.

These Ancient Wisdom Healing Circles were created by the Spirits to help people achieve awareness of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Often held in a group of 21 or 28, participants are placed in circles of approximately 7-10 people. One person stands in the inner circle, while the others in the outer circle learn to use light and sound to assist in the healing of that person in the inner circle. People in the outer circles also are privy to self-awareness and healing. These ceremonies often run 3-4 hours and not everyone makes it into the inner circles. No one is required to disclose anything about themselves or their issues at the beginning or end of the circles. Dr. Michael visits each circle and asks permission to use her hands to help the clients. The circles are rotated after a period of time to enable more people to enter the inner circles. People from these gatherings often choose to do further healing in a private sacred space in the individual therapeutic work.

At this time – all workshops are postponed. As our world gets back to normal, we will make announcements for workshops. Thank you for your patience, and please be well.