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How often do we get out of bed in a rush?  Our children, our commute, even how we eat in the morning can feel like a rushed checklist. What would it feel like to open each day with meditation?  Greeting the new day with reverence and opening our hearts?

Welcoming the New Day

Morning Meditation was created to support you starting your day in a calm and peaceful way.  While Creator laughs at our plans to control our lives, we do deeply believe that opening up to the Morning energy like a child ~ with softness and curiosity ~ helps us stay centered along our road.

Gratefulness for What has Come

We have also created Evening Meditation, as a way to greet the sundown with gratitude for all that has transpired.  When we make time for meditation at any time between sunset or right before bedtime, we often sleep more soundly.  It is a way to say thank you and also shake off some of the static from the world.

Listening to these meditations will also help your body and mind come into sync with one another.  As our nervous system and thoughts become more of a hum instead of a marching band, our hearts and intuition open ~ which gives great space for our spiritual awareness.

Morning & Evening Meditations are available together now for $44.00. 

You’ll be able to download them into your iTunes or media library to listen to at any time.

We see you — new with possibilities each morning & We see your well-lived life every evening.

From Spirit with Love
Mitakuye Oyasin,