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Intuitive Ceremony - Maria D. Michael, PhD

Intuitive Ceremony (Is a Medical & Psychological Four-Day Process)

The Process

The initial ceremony begins during the first phone call where Dr. Michael explains the process. Establishing the right relationship is imperative as is determining the appropriateness of working together. Dr. Michael will request your given birth name during that initial call. She will then subsequently pray with for you for 24 HOURS and 2ask you to do the same. The purpose of the prayers is to request insight into the appropriateness of working together, in right relationship and the most beneficial time.

After the 24 hour prayer time you would then call Dr. Michael to see if you both agree to walk this road together. Dates for the four-day ceremony are planned and your journey of self- discovery begins. Dr. Michael always performs the intuitive ceremony by phone.

The four-day Intuitive Ceremony begins and ends with in Prayer. Your Prayer sets the intention for the Ceremony, e.g., understanding, clarification, and the guidance being requested. Dr. Michael’s Prayers invite the Spirits around you and the Spirits around her to join together to ask for illumination of what blocks might exist on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and/or frequencies.

This ceremony provides the blueprint of your tapestry: your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The ceremony continues on the phone for 3 hours on the third day until either time has expired, and/or all your questions are answered, time permitting. You keep time while Dr. Michael is in trance or channeling. Time will be allotted for the Spirits to dictate the ceremony a second time so that you can transcribe and take notes at the end with recommendations. You will also be able to ask any questions that might not have been answered earlier and ask for clarification if needed.

Medical & Psychological Intuitive Ceremony

Dr. Maria Michael’s gifts of “sight", intuition, knowing, and healing abilities made themselves apparent at a very young age. She believes that her gifts are Divinely guided. She is a conduit who uses trance states and channeling during intuitive ceremonies.

She has worked on an on-going basis to help others heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. She believes that all these parts of the Whole Being are woven together over time in a tapestry. In order to tweak a thread in that tapestry, she must be able to ascertain its relationship to the whole, in order to support it. Healing the physical body alone does not provide long-term balance in health. Rather, the mental, emotional and spiritual levels also must be healed to support long-term and sustainable health.

Dr. Michael has seen clients without physical ailments that feel as if they have other “blockages" in their lives. In these cases, she focuses her evaluation primarily on the current psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that may be interfering with their ability to maximize their fullest and balanced potentials.